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Student School Transportation Services by Transafe

Transafe offers many diverse student transportation services for schools and education centers across America. Our team is dedicated to delivering safe and dependable student transportation as well as accessible student transportation.  We will work with you to accommodate special needs whenever possible.

Special School Transportation Service
  • Special Transportation Needs
  • Out-of-District Transportation
  • Hard-to-Serve Trips
  • McKinney-Vento
  • Education Centers
  • Pre-School
  • Elementary Schools
  • Jr. & High Schools
  • Recreation Centers
  • College Education Centers
  • Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

Our special transportation services are fulfilled by coordinating a combination of SUV's, minivans, wheelchair accessible vans and sedans to transport McKinney-Vento, special needs, and out-of-district students, as well as hard-to-serve and multi-district trips.

School Transportation Service Solutions

Providing School Student Transportation Services and Non-Emergency Medical School Transportation

Transafe Transportation provides professional and compassionate student transportation services and school non-emergency medical student transportation throughout the US. Our team of transportation professionals, combined with our specialty fleet vehicles are the perfect solution for schools who need independent, student transportation services. Our team strives to deliver exceptional school ground transportation services throughout the entire US.


Nationwide School Transportation Specialists


Nationwide School Transportation Specialists - Save Today!

Transafe supplies the nation's most trusted student and school transportation services. Our caring approach combined with our affordable student transportation and logistical support can help you save on your independent school transportation needs. Transafe can customize your student transportation services according to your specific needs. We can handle the most demanding and special requests and ensure that your students arrive at their destination safe and on-time.

Our main headquarters are located in Tampa, FL but we service school and education centers across the US. We can accommodate your transportation special needs and requests. Our affiliate network of trusted student transportation providers are ready to meet your specific transportation needs. Call Transafe today for a free estimate.


Special Needs Student Transportation

Just The Right Vehicle For The Right Transportation Service

Transafe Transportation matches the right vehicle with each trip, so you no longer have to pay for unused capacity and we are able to meet the specific transportation needs of the students. Our school special transportation department coordinators will work directly with your district or school to meet the specific transportation needs. We are able to stay fluid and make necessary changes as needed for special student situations.

Transafe operates inspected and insured sedans, passenger vans, accessible vehicles, minibuses and more. Our drivers put student safety at the forefront of their daily mission. Safety, dependability and trust are what sets us apart from other transportation providers. We work closely with schools, insurance agencies, and independent families to accommodate all their student transportation needs.

Call the Nationwide Student School Transportation Professionalize (813) 936-2525


Safe Student Transportation Services

Transafe Transportation delivers Tampa's best hard-to-serve school transportation and non-emergency transportation solutions. Call us today to discuss your specific transportation needs.
Special Needs Student Transportation

Here to Serve

Our team is trained and qualified to meet your school transportation needs. We strive for customer service excellence and put our clients safety and well being in front of all we do.
Wheelcahir Accessible Transportation

Specialized & Accessible Fleet Vehicles

Transafe Transportation focuses on keeping our clients safe while in transit to their destination. Our vehicles are outfitted to the American Disabilities Act and meet or exceed the Department of Transportation standards.


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